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An Average Of 2.2 Days To Open A Chain Store Suning Cheng “night”

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To ask who is the fastest, almost everyone can give the answer, “Liu”, to say who is the fastest growing in China to open up shop, I am afraid to answer it, not many people. Last weekend,


Deqing Huzhou Beijing Asian Games Village shop and restaurant opened, according to the development of centers of Suning Appliance Chain statistics, they are the first Su Ning created this year 148 and 149 stores. But in turn this weekend Suning Shanghai Nanhui branch out, so this year out of the store Suning the number reached 150, a month ahead of schedule throughout the year earlier this year proposed to open 150 chain stores out of the development goals. To open a store on average the time required is only 2.2 days, so speed is absolutely

Home appliance chain

Industry, “Trapeze.”

This, the reporter interviewed Suning Appliance Chain Development Centre Jiang Yong. 2.2 days to open a shop as a reporter to General Chiang congratulated, he actually did not react the first time, and other reporters that are a year ahead of schedule for Suning chain development goals, he was a little embarrassed laugh, ” Now open a store already is a very natural, and really did not plan to complete the shop as a very worthwhile thing to celebrate. “Indeed, from New Year’s Day to November 26 of the 330 days period, Suning has out of 150 stores, opened a store on average time required was only 2.2 days, compared to 40 days in 2001 to open a store, 20 days in 2002, 2003, 7 days, 3.5 days the year 2004 upgrade shop rate has reached a new level. Which still is worth mentioning that Suning only one day in 2005 51 in 22 stores across the country, setting up shop industry the number of single-day record. General Chiang said Suning chain development strategy is sound and effective, shop at the beginning of the development objectives already well positioned


, On the shop’s regional division, the number of distribution, time selection, resource reserves, staff


And other sectors all have their own rhythm, so the process of expanding chain does not bear too much pressure. Turning to the shop ever-increasing speed of reasons, first of Chiang total environment of the industry: December 11, 2004, China abolished foreign


Commercial enterprises in the region, such as restrictions on the number of shares, which means that the threshold for foreign investment in home appliances circulation canceled. While Suning Appliance in 2004, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listed SMEs and become a key support of the Ministry of Commerce 20, after one of the large commercial enterprises in 2005 ushered in a rare opportunity. In response to foreign


Huge impact, Suning Appliance lay ahead of market fundamentals, the market for the initiative, right moment, the bigger and stronger, staged in the Divine Land “Suning acceleration.” Shop paycheck, “If the number of simple to shop



Basis, then the new shop in 2005 we can double the amount! “General Chiang said.

Chain for domestic appliances


Situation and in the future and the international retail giant scale against time finding a better advantage, beginning in 2005, the major home appliance chain enterprises have put forward their own chain of development goals, the number frequently to icy temperatures, Suning chain of 150 goals At that time was considered very conservative. Throughout 2005, home appliance chain shop boom in the various cities one after another. According to related statistics, this year’s major home appliance chain enterprises to open the store more than 600, some to the mergers and acquisitions in the chain-store volume increased significantly, competition and even lead to many unnecessary “pincer attack tactics,” “Sandwich Tactics” widely used in the same shopping district with many shops open common occurrences, a single home appliance chain store


Quality face serious challenges. In this context, the quality of Suning’s single-store operation is still maintained in the same industry first, according to Su Ning G (002024) third-quarter earnings are released, January-September 2005, Suning realized main business income of the previous increase of 71.81 percent over the same period; net profit rose 110.68% higher than in the home appliance chain enterprises in this performance can be described as leaders. “Suning’s shop chain development is not an isolated process, management quality, and efficiency is an important criterion for evaluation of our work.” Chiang general explained.

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Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site
Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site
Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site
Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site
Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site

Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site

Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site

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