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Creating a Logo for Your Turn Key Online Business

In order to make your turn key online business to stand out from the rest of the competition you need to have a good solid business logo –one that can stand the test of time. How do you come up with a logo for an online business? To help you with your logo creation you can look at some of the world’s famous logos for inspiration — playboy bunny logo, Chevy logo, Nike logo and even the famous food chain McDonald’s logo — as you may notice their logos are very simple in terms of design and colors and yet very effective.

What makes an effective logo design?

An effective logo is one that conveys your message clearly to your audience. In today’s fast pace world where everything is done via the net you have to keep in mind that your visitors only have seconds to decide on what to do to with your online store. So it’s essential that your logo is strong enough to be easily recognized and noticed by your visitors.

To create an effective logo for your turn key online business you need to have inspiration. You can use the products that you are selling or use the very essence of your business –just what is your turn key online business all about?. Take note of all your ideas and write it down. Don’t limit your creativity if you have an idea let it evolve and see where it would lead you. It is also a good idea to get the opinion of others.

Invite your friends or relatives and show them the logo designs that you came up with and get their views on what they think is more appealing to them. This will help you to trim down your list of choices for your logo.

Take your time to develop your site’s logo. Remember an effective logo is one that can stand the test of time. Make sure that every element in your logo – color, shape, font and text – are all unified to create that one logo that will represent your turn key online business for years to come.

Guides on how to choose a logo for your turn key online business

1. Think on how you wanted your business to be presented in terms of value, quality and originality.

2. Take a look at your competitors’ logos to avoid having a similar logo design.

3. Choose carefully the shapes, colors, font and text for your logo. If your turn key online business is about selling party materials or products then choose happy colors and fun font.

4. If you don’t know how to create or put together your ideas for your logo then hire a professional graphic artist. It will save you time and your logo design will come out as professionally done.

5. Trademark the logo if you want to acquire all the legal rights over the use of it.

6. Have your logo test printed on other materials that you might need for your business like business cards and letterhead just to see how it will appear on them. Your logo should possess uniformity in terms of quality as it appears on your turn key online business site and even on printed materials.

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