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Today’s  technology  makes  it  possible  for  us to fully  automate  our  marketing  systems  but  no  one  uses  it  to  the  full  extent. Recently I came across a system that was so beautifully automated, I just knew immediately that this was going to work, and it did.

Full  automation  is  when  your  marketing  systems  will  sell, advertise, promote, appoint  and  train  downlines  and  motivate  them  all at  once  from  their  website. Anyone  whose website  cannot  do  all  that  is  not  using  technology  to  the  fullest.

There  are  10  factors  needed  to  fully  automate  your  system.

1)You need to collect you opt-in lists

2)Promote by giving your surfers a well developed tour

3)Let them automatically sign up

4)Set Auto responders to follow up if they don’t sign up

5)Set Auto responders to train them when they do sign up

6)Use voice recording to motivate through conferencing

7)Use Conference software to have group discussions

8)Use your website to act as an training facility

9)Have a well developed duplication system

10)Setup an automated traffic generating system

There is  a lot of  materials  available  for  free  on  the  internet  making  it  simple  for  one  to  develop such  a  system. If  one  cannot  develop  one ,they  can  join  one. This  means  one  does  not  have  to  be  personally  available  for  them  to  conduct  their  business  as  their website  does  it  for  them.

The  numerous  opportunities  available  online  makes it  impossible  to  fully  automate  as  it  presents  new  ideas  each  time  leading  to  confusion.  To  fully  automate  one  needs  to  pay  attention  to  details  and  think  of  what  the  customer  really  wants  and  not  just  be  a  consumer  of  technology. One  should  concentrate  on  one  stream  of  income  until  they  gain  more  experience.

One  should  test  each  idea  against  their  system  to  see  how  it  fits, those  that  are  not  perfect  fits  should  be  dropped. One  should  avoid  cluttering  their  website  with  gadgets  which  only  serve  to  promote  other  people.

The  internet  has  the  disadvantage  of  making trade  impersonal. However a  fully  automated  website  can  enable  one  to  chat  with  their  marketers  and  build  connections  as  well  as  relationships.

Finally  use  the  time  saved  by  your  automated  system  to  spend  some  quality  time  with  yourself and  with  your  family.


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