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In order for your prosperous and abundant life to unfold before you, there is a need to live and act in a way that allows this to occur and attracts this new lifestyle into your awareness. This does not mean take your credit card and go out and buy a brand new Rolex and show everybody your latest acquisition. We are, instead, looking at how you behave and how you promote yourself, for here is where your abundance starts.

1) First comes gratitude.

No matter how bad things may seem I guarantee there is one thing or person that you can be grateful for. No matter how small or stupid it may seem please look for this one thing or person and allow that gratitude to grow. Obviously there is the desire for the better life or more abundance but it can not arrive if you are harbouring resentments, grievances or envy.

2) Create a successful routine.

Perhaps get up a little earlier in the morning and start to plan your day. It may be looking for a career change or mapping out ideas for starting your own business. Start exercising in the morning and filling your mind with positive thoughts and affirmations.

3) Change your wardrobe.

This may sound ridiculous but it really can help. When I was going through a severe depression I decided one day to change my clothing. I used to wear old jeans with an old tea shirt and that was exactly how I felt. I did not buy anything expensive, in fact I found what I needed on many a bargain rail. With new trousers and a few new shirts I already started to feel different. I walked taller and started to go and browse in expensive shops. I knew that at that time I could not afford what I was looking at yet this did not matter. The whole point was to start getting my senses accustomed to new things.

4) Positive surroundings

This follows on from point three. I would go to an expensive hotel and sit at the bar or in the lounge and order one drink. That drink might have lasted a while yet I was soaking up the surroundings. I was again, getting used to having abundance and prosperity around me and in my life. Again gratitude for what I had was important. Here I was, in a fancy hotel, dressed smartly and enjoying a drink. This was the lifestyle I wanted and at that precise moment I was living it.

5) Positive people.

Start to associate with positive people and not those who continually put you down. This also goes for those well meaning types that love to remind you how bad you were and wish to know how the recovery is going. Here is your chance to affirm your new and positive self. Believe me if they are truly your friends they will be happy for your new outlook and will not mind at all when you tell them that you only wish to talk about the positive things in your life. The past is gone and you are new and reborn. This also refers to business. Hang around places where business happens. Perhaps visit a coffee shop where business men and women meet for lunch or after work. Again soak up the atmosphere of excitement and creativity and abundance. Go to lectures or talks on wealth and abundance and fill your live with positive people.

6) Take yourself seriously.

If you don’t then who will. When I first started my writing career I would get up and get out and visit my local coffee shop. It always had business of some sort going on with lunchtime meetings and presentations being made over a cappuccino. I was not just an observer. I was there on business as well. I was running my own writing business and took it very seriously; I still do. I had business cards at the ready and examples of my work and when not writing I was working on my personal website. I was happy and creative and doing something I loved. I was a success there and then and the amount of income had nothing to do with it.

7) Expect and anticipate success.

All of these steps will not work if you do not put effort and desire into your business. That is obvious. So work hard and expect and anticipate the prosperity and the abundance to manifest. The universe actually wishes all this for you and is waiting to give it to you right now. It is cheering you on and is wants you to be successful.

Open your hands and receive.

John Hewitt is a full time freelance writer. He has worked in many fields including music, the restaurant industry, film work and as an RSPCA animal welfare officer. If you would like to see more of his articles and poetry then please visit and feel free to sign up to the RSS feed.

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Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site
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Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site
Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site
Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site

Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site

Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site

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