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Making Money Online – Do You Know How?

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Earning money online is a desirable work to everyone. However, it is also very challenging and requires a lot of self-motivation.


A millionaire friend of mine, Richard Brooke, CEO of OxyFresh, once said, “The secret to becoming wealthy is doing the things no one else wants to do.”


Becoming wealthy through an Internet business is definitely hard work and requires longer hours then you would imagine. You must find a way to motivate yourself to success and breakthrough products are a must-have part of the process.


Nearly every ad you read is targeting the business opportunity market. Literally millions of individuals are actively looking for a way to earn extra money.


It is also a very exciting career goal to be able to work at home on your PC. Most of us imagine the joy of making a living without bosses and rush hour traffic.


If no one else was doing it the prospects would not be nearly as exciting as they are. The fact is many individuals earn a lot of money online and in fact become independently wealthy.


However, runaway from anyone who tells you this will happen in 90 days. It can happen quickly in perspective to the real world because of the scale of the Internet, but you must have some very specific knowledge. It also helps to be immune to discouragement.


Let’s talk about how you motivate yourself to earn Internet income by finding breakthrough products. The bottom line here is to start with a product that has a track record.


While there are potential pitfalls, even with some of the highly advertised products and services currently popular, once you know what to look for you can become very wealthy by following a few basic steps.


Here’s my short list of what to look for when building a business with a breakthrough product.


• Learn everything possible about the product and the track record of the company you’ll be promoting. Search for testimonials, they can actually help you sell the product.


• Write down your action plan. Anyone who is seriously motivated to build a steady income from their Internet business works from a written plan. This document can be handwritten or a typed sheet of paper or even a formal template format with all the bells and whistles.


The format is not important as long as you have a written plan that you can review daily. “If you don’t have a tool for measuring or keeping track of your progress you won’t have any progress.”


• Traffic exchanges, primarily “manual” sites, can generate hits but you won’t get enough hits to make the investment of time worth the effort. Traffic sites work best for building your contact list, which should be your primary goal when you use a traffic exchange.


Start out with a product that gives a free report or subscription just for visiting the website. Use this type of product as the teaser for the free report or subscription so you can capture email addresses.


These addresses are your actual prospects for the product(s) you’ll be promoting in the next step of this two step process.


Step 1…build a contact list by promoting a product or service that provides a free report or subscription for those that visit their website.


Step 2… follow-up with those on your list with the HOT product or service you want to promote for income. This may take you an extra week to get the ball rolling, however, once you start the process the dollars do start rolling in.


Find yourself a good resource for early release and product introduction sites and newsletters or newsgroups where such discussions are the topic. You want to be in the loop for hearing about new releases as close to opening day as possible.


Stretch yourself and go for it, but start with a written plan of action. I’ve had a few winners that no one would have thought would make a dime. It’s all about the presentation and your timing.


Do your research and watch your timing. Even a fantastic product at a perfect price won’t make you any money if you jump into the market after the product has started cooling off.


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Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site
Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site
Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site
Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site
Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site

Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site

Turnkey, Websites, Affiliate, Website, Moneymaking Site

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